Ken Coran: A Working Class Hero is something to Be

June 30, 2013 at 2:43 am (Uncategorized) ()

In Ontario last year, in an effort to prove who knows what, the Liberal government turned on its teacher allies. For years, since the days of Mike Harris’ Conservatives, the Liberals could count on education unions endorsing and giving money to their candidates and providing foot soldiers for their campaigns.

So it must have been a bit of a shock then, when the government announced they wanted teachers to voluntarily accept wage freezes (actually roll-backs), and other concessions. Well, OK, but the government added a kicker: if the unions didn’t accept this deal, the government would pass a law making them. In other words, commit suicide or we’ll kill you.

After a war of words, but very little in practical terms, the law was passed, the conditions the government wanted were imposed and that was that. In the meantime, the premier, Dalton McGuinty, resigned and a new leader was chosen.

The Ontario Secondary Schools Teachers Federation played a shrewd game. While Elementary were the radicals apparently about to break the law in illegal wildcats (they didn’t), OSSTF engaged in rhetoric but did very little. Nevertheless OSSTF leader Ken Coran publicly took responsibility for driving McGuinty out of office and for Liberal defeats in by-elections last September. It was curious to some then that OSSFT still gave money to various Liberal leadership candidates. Not as strange as the news today that Ken Coran who is, until the end of June, still OSSTF leader will be running for the Liberals in a by-election.

Now there will be some who argue that Coran will be better in a position to influence policy from the inside. Most though will see Coran as a traitor to the cause. Me? No, I don’t see him as a traitor. A traitor is someone who betrays you. Who was your friend and joins the other side. Nah, Ken Coran was never the friend of the teachers, and neither are the unions. They are the cop in the workplace. There to enforce the rule. Oh sure, they squawk a little about certain things, but fundamentally they are no different. Opportunist. Sure. A hypocrite in light of his earlier rhetoric, absolutely. A traitor not for a long time.

Plus ca change.






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  1. fischerzed said,

    This post is quoted on today’s World Socialist Web Site.

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