The Return of the Palma Violets – The Lee’s Palace Review

May 4, 2013 at 10:00 pm (Uncategorized) ()

It’s not often I see the same band twice in a year, but last night I went to see the Palma Violets for the second time. This time promoting ann album and in a bigger venue to boot. I saw the band in January at the Horseshoe Tavern where they played a brief but energetic set to a half full venue. This time it was to the larger Lee’s Palace that the band brought their manic pop thrills.

Still, when we arrived a little before 10, the place seemed pretty empty. Maybe a hundred of so patrons milling around waiting for openers Guards I listened to some of their stuff online, and as sufficiently impressed to want to show up early for their set. Hard to pin down, but a sixties garage influence along with a few other things thrown in. The live set was a bit more free-ranging, and along with those influences there were a few prog-rock freak-outs. It’s been quite a while since I’ve sen a smoke machine used in a club, and by the end of the set it felt as if I had been transported back to the old days were everyone smoked in clubs. Energized, we waited.

11:45 and the Palma Violets took the stage. In many ways the performance wasn’t much different from the Horseshoe gig, except their cockiness had grown and they were playing to a few more people. The band ran through all their songs in about 37 minutes with a two song encore that  reminded me, and this is not a put-down, of a punk rock One Direction: a really together group having a good time doing what they do best. The band’s energy infected the audience and the audience responded animating the band further. Especially during the encore when Guards returned and at least one audience member made it to the stage All this and a cover of “Invasion of the Tribbles” by Calgary’s Hot Nasties (OK, I had to google that!)

I’m not sure if the Palma Violets have a long career in front of them. Sometimes the flame that burns twice as brightly, burns half as long. But, it’s always great to see a band in that initial stage, when they are full of energy playing as if their lives depended upon it.  Maybe they don’t want us to be their girl, but I’m happy to be their best friend.

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