Blood Red Shoes in Toronto – A Review

April 28, 2013 at 6:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Near to the end of Blood Red Shoes’ ferociously entertaining set at the horseshoe Tavern last Tuesday, I took to wondering: Why aren’t these guys bigger? What’s the trick to fame?  If Aerosmith, why not the New York Dolls? If not REM why not Let’s Active? If the White Stripes why not Blood Red Shoes? Well, I suppose if I knew the answer, I’d have a lot more money. In any event, I couldn’t help but think, these guys really should be a lot bigger!


I missed opening band Sorry, Yes OK arriving sometime around 9:45. I listened to some of their stuff on MySpace page and decided it wasn’t for me. Not fair I know. The opening slot is always a hard one, and in my defence, often I’ve arrived to see the opener and left before the headliner came on, but still. Only so many hours in a day.

At 10:00 Sandman Viper Command (dreadful name – Sandman or Viper Command OK, but not both), who referred to themselves as Sandman VC  (better!) throughout the evening. I’d come to see them because on their site they described themselves as being influenced by Pavement and Sonic Youth. And the few songs I listened to gave that impression. Unfortunately, this wasn’t entirely reflective of their set. A lot of poppy sounds with a quite nice organ in the background giving them an orchestral air; a sort of psychedelic pop. Still, to my ears, it sounded to me as if they were still finding their sound.


Blood Red Shoes came on a little after 11. The front of the stage was densely crowded, but not so that you couldn’t find a way to the front without much trouble. BRS is a Brighton two-piece consisting of Laura-Mary Carter o guitar and vocals ad Stephen Ansell on drums. The band formed in 2004 and has released 3 full length records and even more singles. For the next hour put out a thunderous din of punk attitude. It’s a very simple formula, guitar and drums, and for those who love that stripped down sound, it’s tremendously seductive.

There wasn’t much let up throughout the hour, although Ansell joked throughout and repeatedly paid attention to one birthday boy. And boom, almost as soo ias it started it seemed it was over. And yes, they did play their hit from the Scott Pilgrim movie, “It’s Getting Boring By the Sea.” Cheers.


Courtesy of Setlist

  1. Heartsink
  2. Don’t Ask
  3. It’s Getting Boring by the Sea
  4. Lost Kids
  5. Light It Up
  6. This Is Not for You
  7. Black Distractions
  8. Cold
  9. Say Something, Say Anything
  10. It Is Happening Again
  11. In Time to Voices
  12. I Wish I Was Someone Better
  13. Red River


  1. Colours Fade
  2. Je Me Perds

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