Easter Sunday with Frightened Rabbit; a review

April 1, 2013 at 12:53 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Rabbits and Easter just go together. At one point in last night’s Frightened Rabbit show at the Phoenix, singer Scott Hutchison asked if he was right that most of the audience at the sold-out show had the next day off work. You’d have thought it, as it sure seemed like Saturday night then (Footnote: as I write this Monday morning, yes I have the day off, it’s both Easter Monday and April Fool’s Day, and there are snow flurries. Only in Canada you say?)

Opening band Wintersleep (is there a more Canadian band name?) came on stage just after nine. Now five albums in, the band formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2001. It took me a couple of songs to get into their sound, but after ten minutes or so, it was easy to see why they would be playing with Frightened Rabbit. The same emphasis on solid tunes and compelling vocals. The band played a forty minutes set of pop, folk and some moody tunes that were quite lovely.

Frightened Rabbit came on at 10:15. And over the course of their eighty minute set (and three song encore), they charmed us, they amused us, they…entertained us. If you listen to the records, you could be forgiven for thinking the band was a bit, well, serious, but that wasn’t evident last night. Scott and the lads were clearly enjoying themselves, and quite often when you have that, there’s a symbiosis with the audience, which produces something really special. Nothing perfunctory about that  show.

I saw Frightened Rabbit last year at the much smaller Mod Club. Sometimes, it’s a danger to see a band you love too often in too short a space of time (First Aid Kit, I’m talking about you – Anna Calvi, you’re lovely, I could see you again and again). That wasn’t the case. Frightened Rabbit gave it their all, and it sounded entirely fresh. If you haven’t gotten hold of Pedestrian Verse, do it (and give the band some money for it!). And try to check out their films about US and Scottish tours Here and There. you won’t regret it.

NB: forgot my camera, so no pictures on this one. But hey, what about all of you recording this on your phones? Aren’t you going to upload it to You Tube?


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