Jesus is Coming: Look Busy

March 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Phew! Well, that’s a relief; the Catholic Church has chosen a new Bishop of Rome, God’s Ambassador on Earth.  Glad that’s over as I felt at a loss for spiritual guidance these last few days.

Actually not so much. Even if I were a believer, the idea that the, ahem, institution which systematically concealed and covered up abuse of children committed by its moral guardians is a bit rich. Oh don’t get me started…

When I sat down to write this post, I was going to trot out my usual caustic comments about religion, but in this case, it’s a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. Instead, I decided to post a series of quotations about religion from A Book of Surrealist Games.

“Our revolution will never succeed until we have eradicated the myth of God from the mind of man” – Lenin

“You say that you believe in the necessity of religion. Be honest! You believe in the necessity of the police” – Nietzsche

“All religions lend despotism a hand: but I know none that does so more than Christianity” – Marat

“”A man must be very lacking in any moral sense if he needs religion to make a gentleman of him” – Ninon De Lenclos

“Christianity is religion par excellence, because it completely exposes and manifests the nature, the absolute essence, of all religious systems – that it involves the impoverishment, subservience ad abasement of man for the benefit of divinity” – Bakunin

“Priest: (n) – one who controls our spiritual affairs in order to improve his temporal affairs” Ambrose Bierce

“The Priest and the Tyrant share the same policy and the same interests. All either one of them needs is imbecilic and craven subjects. Both are corrupted by absolute power, licence and impunity. Both corrupt – one in order to rule, the other to expiate. They come together to snuff out the light, to crush reason and drive the desire for liberty out of the hearts of men” – D’Holbach.




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