The Persistence of Memory

February 1, 2013 at 7:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Whenever you’re on vacation, there’s a strong sense of being in the moment. Your “real” is forgotten and you simply experience what’s happening around you. But after it’s done, hardly a moment goes by before the memory begins to fade. “Did I really go on vacation?” or was it just a dream?

I changed jobs this week. More accurately, I switched locations. And actually it was back to a location where I had worked in 2011-2012. It felt a bit like coming back from a vacation. It seems as if I never left, and the memories of the other job with all the great relationships I forged now seem to fade.

Moving jobs is usually an ego-boost. People write nice things on cards and say how you will be missed. At the new job, especially if it’s a return people are glad you’re back. (Of course, behind your back, people may say good riddance and your new co-workers may not be so happy to see you again – I’m sure that wasn’t the case.)

So it’s been a bittersweet experience. Goodbye to friends; hello to others. Memory like relationships, like plants I suppose, is a living thing. It needs to be nurtutred…or it dies.


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