A Brief Comment on the Jimmy Saville Affair

October 30, 2012 at 10:53 pm (Uncategorized)

OK, I’ll say it here, “Rock & Roll (Part 2) by Gary Glitter is still a great song. Amazing drum sound (later copped by Adam Ant for his Kings of the Wild frontier phase). A lot of his other songs hold up pretty well too.

That said… I can’t see myself ever owning one of them or having them in my house. Glitter’s outside, erm, predilections just make listening to his work too difficult. I know we’re supposed to be able to separate the art from the artist (Woody Allen, Roman Polanski etc.), but something about the former Paul Gadd makes that impossible.

So this week, when I heard he had been arrested in connection with the Jimmy Saville scandal, all those queasy feelings came back to the surface. And of course, Saville’s crimes, which had already more or less been admitted, seemed so much more real.

I remember watching and listening to Jimmy Saville when I was a kid in the 70s. Saville was never one of my favourite DJs or Top of the Pops presenters. Something about him I just didn’t like. and as I got more into music, it was people like John Peel or Radio Luxembourg’s Johnny Walker I thought were cool.

Then of course came Jim’ll Fix It, where every week Jimmy made a dream come true. But behind that show lay a vile reality.

I’d still like to believe that Jimmy Saville’s crimes aren’t true. But that doesn’t seem very likely. And of course, as many have asked, who else knew?


Post Script


Came across this on the ICC site on the same matter – Children, the Jimmy Saville Experience and the BBC

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