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October in Toronto is a funny, unpredictable thing.  It rarely snows this early, but it’s possible. Sometimes it’s brilliant summer-like weather (it was 20 degrees C on Thursday). Today, when I walked the dog, it felt as if I’d gone on holiday in England: cold, damp, rainy. The longer I walked the more miserable the weather seemed to become as the cold seeped into my bones.

Yeah, I know: Frankenstorm. I’ll admit it, it’s a great name linking the various weather systems to Halloween. And of course, the horror, the horror. When I was watching the news yesterday, a commentator listed as “conservative” estimates of 50 to 100 MM of rain on Monday. So really, we’re in for another round of weather porn.

Bigger! Longer! Harder! More extreme! Storm reports round the clock, complete with state-of-the-art graphics. Hmm. And likely a big letdown.

Of course, given the numbers already killed by this storm in the Caribbean, there might actually be some truth in this one, but I won’t be surprised if the actually weather system that hits us turns out to be little more than a few days of heavy rain. The point about this becomes the spectacle, the hype, the media, rather than the actual event.

Anything to distract us from the real issues I suppose.



  1. David said,

    nice piece D

  2. fischerzed said,

    A few downed power lines. Trees uprooted. Garbage strewn across the city. One death. Overall, Toronto hardly noticed (feel free to disagree). True, New york got blasted, but still, I don’t think I was too far off of the mark.

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