2:54 in Toronto

October 27, 2012 at 9:29 pm (Uncategorized)

My feelings of coolness at being one of the 40 or so people who came out to see 2:54 at the Horseshoe was increased by the fact that all three members of the XX were there too. OK, the more significant fact that I didn’t recognize them might cut into my coolness just a tad, but there you go.

Missed the first opening band, but caught the last few numbers by Bravestation. However, their brand of eighties style electro-pop didn’t really move me.

2:54 came on stage around 11:00. Fronted by sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow, the band played an hour of shimmering shoegazer influenced pop. It’s easy to see why the XX were there. Although the bands have toured together, the real thing they have in common is a dreamy wash of sound. But while the XX roots its sound in a keyboard dance vein, 2:54 is guitar based.

I stood at the front of the club a few feet from the band and just experienced the effect. It would be lazy just to level the criticism that all their songs sound the same because, well, there is a sameness in throughout their material, but it’s that very sameness, that sound, that makes them so enthralling.

If you were one of the small crowd that basked in the band’s glory, despite the awful lighting and a fairly minimal stage presence and interaction with the audience (a few thank you’s along the way was it) , you were a part of, well, something. Watch for big things.



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