From The Department of Unintentional Irony

October 8, 2012 at 9:48 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Doug Sanders wrote an interesting column in Saturday’s Globe and Mail about the Conservative government’s decision to create an Office of Religious Freedom within the Department of Foreign Affairs. My guess is that whatever its stated purpose, the Office will be promoting religious freedom only when it’s:

a) a religion persecuted by a government the Canadian government doesn’t like (Falon Gong in China, but that might be a bit much)

b) when the people being persecuted are Christians ( e.g., Pakistani Christians might get a hand; Pakistani Shiites not so much)

My own call would be for freedom from religion since by my guess, the majority of people suffering from persecution over their religion are being persecuted by people in the name of other religions (the cynic in me also says that given state power, the current sufferers would be quite happy persecuting others for their religions, but I digress)

So after hearing all this claptrap, it struck me as particularly funny that the Vic Toews (who once suggested that anyone who didn’t agree with him on a “cyber-snooping” bill was standing with the child pornographers – a remark he later denied even though it was widely documented) announced a few days ago that the prison service was essentially cutting all of the non-Christian prison chaplains in Canada’s prisons. The Christian chaplains will now provide services in other denominations.

Perhaps the two departments just don’t talk to each other. Hilarious.


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