VMA Blues

September 11, 2012 at 1:38 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Wanna feel old? Watch MTV’s Video Music Awards with your (pre) teenage daughter.

Last week’s VMAs confirmed for me how much I dislike much of what is popular among “the kids.”  That’s OK, my kids hate most of what I listen to as well. I do like music, and like to think myself being informed about music. I still attend concerts and buy new music- while the music of my formative years (late 70s punk/post-punk) will probably always be dearest to my heart, I like to think I ‘m not one of those geezers for whom music ended when the Beatles broke up. I guess I just don’t like pop music (come to think of it, a lot of music in the charts in those halcyon days of 1977 was rubbish too). I am looking forward to 2:54  in November (and OK, the Rezillos too)

Still the interesting thing about watching awards shows is trying to guess who will still have a career five years from now. My daughter thinks that One Direction may be the best thing since sliced bread (maybe even better than sliced bread), but  the chances are, 1D’s best before date is fast approaching. The lads have new album, Take Me Home, out on November 12, but it seems unlikely to inspire the same near-hysteria as the first.

Rihanna, probably. Taylor Swift, yup. A$AP Rocky, somewhat less likely.

The fickleness of fame? But  more than that, the music industry needs fresh product. A continual need to re-invent, then to package and sell. This year’s crop of winners should enjoy the moment. In five years time, most of them won’t have a career.


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