September Cold and Grumpy

August 25, 2012 at 7:39 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

With September just a few day in sight, it seems fair to ask why to people seem to get in that protest mood this time of year? Is it that summer’s over and we’re beginning that long stretch to Thanksgiving  (or more substantially Christmas) or maybe, it’s just the days getting shorter and the weather cooler.

In any event, the season starts in Ontario on Tuesday when three of the province’s education unions (CUPE, OSSTF and ETFO) have called a protest rally to, well, protest some rather odious legislation about to be passed by the provincial Liberal government.

Essentially, the Liberals have recently made the discovery that it is overly generous social programmes that are responsible for the deficit and that it is social programmes that will have to pay for it. The liberals proposed to the unions they take a two-year wage freeze (to which the unions agreed) as well as further cutbacks (to which they did not). The position of the government has been then, take this deal or we’ll pass a law imposing it. Hmm. Oh and no strikes either. We’re putting that in the law as well.

I’m quietly expecting the unions somehow find a way to make this wholly unpleasant act palatable to their members. But maybe I’m a cynic.

In any event, the rally is at Queen’s Park in Toronto at noon on August 29.



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