Outrage in South Africa

August 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

From a comrade…

On Thursday, South-African police attacked striking mineworkers and killed 38 of them. It was as bad as anything that happened during the Apartheid regime. This time, the police chief was black and the main union, affiliated with the ruling party, the ANC, supported the police because the strike was unauthorized.

This wasn’t a one-time event. Even before this massacre, more than twenty five people have been killed by the police during protests since 2000. Activists have been tortured and assassinated. Movements like the Landless People’s Movement and the Unemployed People’s Movement, have been attacked in the night by armed goons of the ANC. Poor people have been encouraged to attack and kill each other in the name of ethnicity and nationality. There is a war against the poor going on in South-Africa, as elsewhere in the world.

This tragic and outrageous event illustrates why we need to make ‘a society based on human needs, not profit’ our central goal. South-Africa’s racist regime was ended and the ANC was democratically elected to lead the country. But fundamentally, nothing changed. Profit still dictates what happens in South-Africa, where half of the population under 34 years is unemployed, millions are starving and the mines and other companies are still making hefty profits while paying their workers extremely low wages. Of course we need to oppose racism and real democracy is a worthy goal. But that doesn’t go deep enough. As long as profit remains the basic tenet of society, the war on the poor, on the working people, and on human dignity will go on.

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