So Long Chumbawamba …

July 25, 2012 at 2:34 am (Uncategorized) (, )

There’s an announcement on the Chumbawamba website that they are ending the project this year.

Read it yourself

Chumbawamba went from being an anarchist punk band, to being an anarchist dance band to being an anarchist folk band, all with a certain, well, flair. Lots of great music over the years (my favourites are probably Shhhh, the live Showbizness and the live Get on with it ).

My own Chuma story dates to 1997 when I was living in Calgary. I was working on a solidarity project with striking newspaper workers from Detroit. As it happened the band were playing a show when our guy Dennis Nazelli was in town. I got in touch and asked if we could have a table at the event. The band went better. They brought Dennis up on stage and got him to make a pitch for the strike. Then Alice made an appeal for the audience to donate spare change as they left the hall. We took over $500.


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