Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2012 – A Quick Recap

May 21, 2012 at 9:23 pm (Uncategorized)

The Montreal anarchist bookfair is now in its 13th year. Originally housed in a community centre in the east end, it quickly outgrew that space. In its fourth year (I think), the bookfair moved to a school in the west end. And over its history the bookfair grew from being a one way event to a month long celebration including a two-day fair. This year, it spilled into a second building. And it shows no sign of slowing down.  I’m proud to say, I’ve tabled at every one; first as Red and Black Notes and more recently as Notes from Underground.

This years’ events were framed against the student protests (a separate post for that one), which no doubt helped attendance.  And attendance was good. It seemed to teem with people, and my sales were up. Good conversations and a lot of interest in radical ideas (glad to see fewer Che t-shirts this year too).

Most popular single items were Endnotes, Aufheben and the new issue of Internationalist Perspective. Good to see that communist theory is of interest (I also had a couple of books on the communization current, which generated quite a bit of interest).

The Toronto events are at the end of June, and I heard also there will be a Hamilton event, but probably not until August this time.

Oh and on the drive back to Toronto, I saw a bear by the highway watching the traffic. A bear! Unbelievable.


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