Music Notes April 2012

April 30, 2012 at 11:39 pm (Uncategorized)

OK, I missed the Cribs and didn’t win tickets to Nick Lowe, but that’s no reason to cry there’s still plenty to enjoy…

1. Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Street Light

It might be the contender for the dumbest album cover of he year (I won’t spoil it for you), but it’s a pretty good record. Not really a departure from their signature sound, but a certainly a pop inflected sensibility. And they play the Phoenix in Toronto this Saturday. Sold-out, so if you didn’t get a ticket…

2.Group Inerane – Guitars from Agandez vol 3

What is it about North African blues? If you like Tinariwen, this should be on your playlist too. Group Inerane are from Niger but have played all over the region. Hypnotic stuff.

3. Roy Harper – Flat Baroque and Berserk

Quite simply a fine, fine record. Harper’s voice and songs soar. One of those musicians that at the end of the day you’re scratching your head and saying why are they a star. Probably the best known song is “I Hate the White Man” but the album is full of other little folk gems too.

4. Wingless Angels – Wingless Angels

Keith Richards produces Jamaican musicians. Gotta be the ultimate blues-reggae jam right? Uh no, actually no, but the results are very pleasing. Keith is very much a background presence here, and it’s the Angels who at front and center. A slowed down sound that sounds like a soulful reggae church choir. This is the deluxe edition with a disc of extras.

5. Broadcast – Ha Ha Sound

Lovely British pop-electronica. New to me, but I love the singer’s voice. And then I heard she had passed away. A really shame as this is a marvellous little piece.

6. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Behind the Magnolia Curtain

I used to work at a college radio station. Once I happened upon Tav Falco’s version of  “bourgeois blues” and was hooked. It’s a terrific lumpy record. and the rest is just as good. Half the time the band sounds as if they’re playing three different songs. The production by Alex Chilton is spotty, and Burns himself is a lisping Elvis. And it’s great. This re-issue has the Blow Your Top EP as well.

7. The Slits – Peel Sessions

I find myself returning to the music of my youth these days. I’ve mentioned the deluxe version of Cut before (and you can find these songs there), but they’re also available separately. The first session in particular is extraordinary. There’s a rawness in their playing that blasts past any technical inabilities. It’s what made punk great. Not just the DIY of it, but the sense that you could truly express yourself. true, lots of it was rubbish, but these songs still sound fresh 35 years later.

8. Anna Calvi

Tired of waiting for that new Anna Calvi record? Fear not, there are downloads a plenty at her site. All free. No new songs, just versions of existing ones, but Anna is such a massive talent, it doesn’t really matter. Download, download. Anna Calvi

9. Cindi Lauper – Memphis Blues

Just for the strangeness of it,  Cyndi’s blues record. Not bad even.

10. The Folkes Brothers -” Oh, Carolina”

Every month I hear a song that makes me remember Socrates’ notion about ignorance being the beginning of wisdom. When I listen to this Jamaican folk-reggae I wonder how could life have been complete before hearing this. Next month, it will be something different, but until then…



  1. james said,

    Group Inerane! yeah!

    • fischerzed said,

      I read a review of this album and decided to get it. Yeah, yeah, I know download, but with a download I invest nothing I risk nothing. Sometimes I get burned. Not this time. It’s a staggeringly good record that seems to improve with every play.

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