Communicating Vessels # 23

February 22, 2012 at 12:10 am (Uncategorized)

The new issue of Communicating Vessels appeared in the mailbox the other week. If you’ve never read this magazine, it’s well worth investigation.

For one thing each and every issue is beautifully produced. Lots of surrealist illustrations and graphics, poems and what appears to be a hand coloured cover all contribute to the feeling that this is a delightful reading experience (my copy included a Goya poster). The earlier issues of this magazine veered more to an ultra-left politic, but more recently, politics have taken a less overt form.

I was also saddened to learn of the death of Don LaCoss. Don was a surrealist whom I knew slightly. He sent me some material on Benjamin Peret when I was researching him, some of which appeared in Red & Black Notes.

For those looking to subscribe, CV has moved. Write to

PO Box 2048, Tucson, Arizona, 85702.

Subscriptions are free, but donations are nice.


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