8 Korean comrades lose appeal of their conviction under the National Security Law

December 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm (Uncategorized)

I reported on this earlier, but here is the final appeal.


Dear comrades

We inform you that the result of “Socialist Workers’ League of Korea” (SWLK) trial.

SWLK 8 militants received the verdict of guilty by the court of appeal on December 16. The court of appeal enhanced sentence.

Oh Sei-chul, Yang Hyo-sik, Yang Jun-seok, and Choi Young-ik was sentenced to 2 years in jail with a stay of execution for three years and fined 500,000 won.

Nam goong won, Park Jun-seon, Jeong Won-hyung, and Oh Min-gyu was sentenced to 1 year 6 month in jail with a stay of execution for three years and fined 500,000 won.

The notorious National Security Law, enacted in 1948, has long been used to repress socialist, communist and labor struggles in South Korea.

As the SWLK case attracted a lot of socialist attention, the South Korean socialist gathered together to support the defendants.

We appreciate your interest in organizing the support of SWLK militants.


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  1. Jorein Versteege said,

    A great reminder to the 1950, Bodo Legaue killings. South Korean imperialism killed 150.000 South Koreans just before the North Korean forces completly conquerd South Korea in the early days of the Korean war. The autocratic right-wing regime of Syngman Rhee blamed North Korea for the killings. For over 55 years the US and South Korean media said that ”communists” were responsible for the Bodo League killings. Finally in 2005 the South Korean government came out with the truth. Also we know that US imperialism knew about the killings, but did not do anything. Because the victims were suspected ”communists”

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