Rob Ford vs…

October 27, 2011 at 1:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Now as a left-communist blogger, I don’t usually get into relating stories about individual bourgeois politicians – I wasn’t particularly interested in the numerous opportunities to “bash Bush” …and support the Democrats? No thanks. In the grand scheme of things, the sexual peccadillo of Berlusconi, the syntax of Sarah Palin, the lunacy of Michelle Bachman, or many of the myriad humdrum examples of bourgoeis politicians being less than perfect.

It’s bread and circuses. A pleasant distraction from larger issues. Still, this story was too good not to comment upon.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes, whose best days are in my opinion behind it, has for years satirized Canadian and world politics. One of the most popular characters was Mary Walsh’s Marg Delahunty, whose speciality has been to dress up in a faux Xena Warrior Queen outfit and “ambush” (to use the current parlance) politicians with outlandish commentary and questions. Most play along, happy, more of less, to be seen as a regular guy who can be part of the joke.

Rob Ford, the current mayor of Toronto, has portrayed himself as the little guy throughout his term in office. However, when Walsh came to his house this week in full costume, Ford wasn’t quite so pleased, and looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Here’s the clip.

As is clear, Ford goes back into the house and called 911. He later claimed it was dark (it doesn’t appear to be) and his daughter, who was with him, was scared (she’s not in the video, so either she’s already in the car, and he left her there, or she was still in the house).

But what’s interesting is the story which emerged today. After Ford called 911, he waited a few minutes and then called 911 again.

On the second time he loosed a tirade of abuse upon the dispatchers, calling  them bitches and , in a moment that will dog him forever, ” Don’t you fucking know? I’m Rob fucking Ford, the mayor of this city!” (Great re-election slogan though)

I’d like to thank all the little people. And now back to today’s non-news.


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