A New Definition of Communism

August 10, 2011 at 11:56 pm (Uncategorized)

A few years back when I used to publish Red & Black Notes, I reprinted a chapter of Gilles Dauve’s Decline and Re-Emergence of Communism as a pamphlet called What is Communism? 

In it, Dauve wrote contrary to the various Leninist party builders,  “Communism is not a programme one puts into practice or makes others put into practice, but a social movement.”


Toronto city councilor Georgio Mammoliti yesterday proposed a new definition though.  Mammoliti is a former Canadian Union of Public Employees leader and a former New Democratic Party member of the provincial legislature who sits on the right-wing council. (Mammoliti became a pariah within the NDP for his anti-same-sex rights stance –  this trait has carried over into his new position where he was seen video-taping lesbians at the Gay Pride march in June – long story)

Mammoliti yesterday launched a Facebook site to give voice to the “silent majority” (ah, them again) who didn’t come to the all ngiht meetings on cuts in the city budget. Mammoliti dismissed those who did come as layabouts and communists.

When pressed, he offered this definition: a Communist is “anyone who is able to work , doesn’t want to work, and wants everything for free.”

Red-baiting has a long history in Canada, but given the long existence of the eminently moderate social-democratic NDP (now the official opposition in Ottawa), the charge often seems anachronistic.

Moreover, I suspect that if you conducted a poll based on his definition, Mammoliti  would find a lot more communists than he imagined.


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  1. fischerzed said,

    Mammoliti apparently abandoned his facebook page two days later stating it has run its course. Uh huh. Still he insisted there were “six or seven” communist councillors on Toronto city council. Well it’s no secret Paula Fletcher was the leader of hte Communist Party of Canada’s Manitoba section, so that’s one…but who are the others?

    McCarthite minds want to know…

    “I have in my hand a list of six, no, seven communist …”

    and so it goes

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