Amy Winehouse

July 24, 2011 at 5:27 pm (Uncategorized)

What to say about Amy Winehouse that others haven’t already said more eloquently?

Perhaps, the late Ian Dury might have put it best: What a Waste.

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that Winehouse was found dead at her home of as yet unannounced causes; surely she figured prominently on many people’s dead pools, but I’m left with sadness. .

I watched the 2010 movie Get Him to the Greek Last night. Featuring Russell Brand as dissolute rocker Aldous Snow, a talented performer whose excesses derailed his career and his life. At the end of the movie,  minder Aaron Green (Jonah Hill), watches Snow performing at the Greek theatre in Los Angeles, and realises that it’s performing that makes Snow happy. 

 But coming in the wake of her disastrous live show in Serbia last month, it was clear that Winehouse’s personal demons were overwhelming her formidable talent.

Go back and listen to Back to Black and especially the deluxe version with the bonus CD. She was tremendous. Listen to her version of the Specials “Poor Little Rich Girl.” While the original has Terry Hall almost gleeful at the heiress who ends up making porn movies, Winehouse’s version brings out sympathy from the listener.

It may be clichés to say it, but it’s no less a tragedy.

The entertainment industry unfortunately is full of cases such as Winehouse’s. Talented performers cast into a situation where money and drugs flow freely, and record labels see the performer only as a commodity, comfortable in the knowledge that should this package be used up, there are plenty more out there to replace them.

Unlike Get Him to the Greek, there’s no happy ending with this story.

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  1. fischerzed said,

    An interesting commentary on Winehouse and addiction

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