News of the World A brief Obit

July 8, 2011 at 8:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Occasionally life surprises me. Usually nothing does, but once in a while I get to be surprised, to move outside thar been there/seen that bubble we inhabit.

Let me see, you hacked a missing girl’s cell phone, listened to her messages, deleted them, allowing for more messages you could listen to, but creating the impression she was getting them, when she was in fact, dead. 

Yeah, that surprised me.

But really when I think about it, I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, The News of the World‘s real “crime” was to be a bit too far ahead of the pack. It’s mildly amusing to see the rest of the media smugly castigating a paper thateven thirty years ago when I was a kid was known as the news of the screws.

And while this will occupy the headlines for a few days, I am sure another equally shocking story (filled with sanctimonious moralizing and genuine horror – Casey Anthony anyone?) will be there to distract us.

The News of the World won’t be missed, but that doesn’t mean the poisonous culture it was a part of is in anyway gone.


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