Gene Colan (1926-2011)

July 4, 2011 at 8:38 pm (Uncategorized)

After Gene “the Dean” Colan died on June 23, his Tomb of Dracula colleague Marv Wolfman commented Colan was 

“maybe the only artist I know in comics who nobody else tries to mimic. Everyone tries to do superheroes like Jack Kirby or war books like Joe Kubert or Spider-Man in the Steve Ditko style. [With Colan], they simply cannot do it.”

I’ve got many memories of Marvel comics in the 1970s, but Colan’s work on Daredevil stands out.  There was a fluidity in his work that made the comics come alive. This was especially important as the UK Marvel reprints were in black and white, and in many cases the artist’s work suffered in the translation. Colan’s was just as sharp.

If you want a treat  seek out the 70 issue Tomb of Dracula. Colan drew them all. They are incredible. (Colan also drew a nifty short for the Tales of the Slayers series published by Dark Horse) Colan also worked on Howard the Duck, Captain America (where he co-created the Falcon) and Dr Strange among others.

Gene Colan passed away from complications from liver disease at the age of 88. 

Check out his work at


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