Let’s Give our Struggles Their Road to a New Beginning

July 1, 2011 at 3:55 pm (Uncategorized)

The following leaflet was recently sent to Internationalist Perspective. It’s reproduced here with a brief comment.

Maribel’s passion here is exemplary, and her grasp that these upheavals have to move towards the abolition of capitalism, not “real” democracy, is excellent. The sense, however, that revolution is inevitable is misplaced; it’s too triumphalistic, ignoring the enormous resources that capitalism possesses, material and ideological, with which to contain or possibly crush these upheavals. For me, though, the real problem with this leaflet is its personalization of capital; its depiction of the bourgeoisie, of the capitalist class, exclusively in terms of its greed, its contempt for the workers, its cruelty. What’s missing is the recognition of the impersonal character of capitalist class rule, of the value-form and its imperatives that underlies those social relations, and that compls the capitalist class, as the personification of capital, to act as it does. The capitalist is not just another mode of existence of previous ruling classes, the feudal lord, the slaveholder, motivated by a need for recognition on the part of his serfs or slaves, seeking primarily to expand the outward signs of his power in displays of wealth or conspicuous consumption. The capitalist as the personification of capital and its social relations is compelled to accumulate capital, and that accumulation process under which the collective worker is subsumed is itself riven with contradictions and crises, even as it creates a class, the collective worker, that can put an end to that insane system. It’s that dimension of the current situation that is not as clearly articulated here as is the rage against the lethal effects of this system.

Mac Intosh


Listen to the rich cry, they’re scared, their steel force and
alliances are melting down right in their faces.

And now they are more desperate than ever because what they least
wanted is happening again…

It is us, in the whole world, breaking through their barriers of
subjugating fear. There isn’t a corner in the world that doesn’t light
up our way into social transformation. Our fights have lit up the
beacons, exploding blazingly. Going from Peru, China, Chile, Spain,
Belarus, France, Mexico, the U.S., India, England, Portugal, Ireland,
Greece and more regions of the world, we rise from the sleep
manifesting our rage for being kicked out of our jobs and being asked
to still survive, blockading central roads in response to the
installation of power plants where we once had a place to sleep in,
walking out of the classrooms when we find out that we can’t pay what they ask for anymore, running through the streets, launching the Molotov bombs, letting them soar through the sky in anger with fact of not being able to buy a little piece of bread.

All of these people in various regions of the world are going out in
the streets and protesting not just because of their governments,
because of a “bad president” or prime minister, because of bad cabinet reshuffling, not because they may be in a “third world country”, because of a midterm agreement, of austerity measures, not just because of crisis, not because of the troika (IMF/ECB/EU), and also not because of the banking system, individually. No, all these
problems aren’t as disconnected as we may think they are. They don’t only happen in one country or even in a continent. All of these
problems that push us to go out in the streets happen all over the
world, they have a common root; these problems are consequences, they are the characteristics of the economic and social system we live in.

The agreements that may come out between the IMF, EU, and ECB are not the only form that those at the top, the rich, the bourgeoisie have to impose their interest over ours. They have so many laws and ways that they enact, so that through them, they achieve establishing the conditions in which we have to live tormented, with which they determine that malnutrition, shanty towns, unemployment, homelessness, us being sold and bought (by definition just another commodity) are all legal. These are just the forms in which capitalism manifests its nastiness. So, all our struggle shouldn’t aim at getting out off crisis and trying to obtain economic stability (that is impossible in this system), we have to steer it to end with the sickness, end with this cancerous system.

We can waste our strength and continue endangering ourselves
confronting the watchdogs of the rich to only end up hoping that our
misery could be solved in parliament, hoping that the State can
“really represent us”, when in reality the State’s function is to
represent only the dominant, the dominant class. Its function is to
act as the repressive force of the “owners of the world” against our
rising. With that, the idea of “active citizenship” reduces to
nothing, same thing goes for “real democracy”.

So then why do we claim to be citizens? We aren’t citizens, we’ve been boxed in by borders, and those life-takers use them in their advantage to promote their “national unity” so that we don’t realize that there are others in all parts of the world, like us, breathing and living the same conditions which we fight against. It’s not our
responsibility to care for them, to serve them, to carry them on our
shoulder, breaking our backs, letting our sweat drop, letting our
tears fall.

As for democracy, democracy exist when in society there are clashing
classes, where in these classes one of them gets to decide what to do with society through the State, and this class isn’t the exploited
one, it is the exploiting one. So then why ask for real democrazy?
Let’s not let our struggle drown in the absurd, of dying for something
that already exists, for continuing with misery, for a real democracy,
for a “real” exploitation. Why fight for exploitation even more legal
than it already is?

They think they could give us alternatives. What alternatives? To the
fact that their degenerate system can’t hold out much longer? They
can’t even do anything without our existence; they need to take more and more away from us. It is a lie to think we could be better off. These fat cats only say that default is what is left and that it
should be our biggest fear. But, hey, what do we have to lose, but
this type of life? We don’t have lands, we don’t have factories or
companies, we don’t have enterprises; we only have us, our capability to work.

Why should we try to help those bourgeois gain their strength back to
continue on with their rotting system and having us chained to them,
to have us go down with them? Why should we cut back on the little
means of living we have, when they don’t even produce an ounce of it.

There’s no more to hope for this system. It can’t give us health, it
can’t provide us food, it can’t offer us tranquility, it can’t assure
us a glimpse of tomorrow’s morning, it can’t promise us life. They
have us doomed to the condition of having to sell ourselves in
exchange of inhumanity (of a salary), of having to find ourselves
thrown in the streets distressed about wanting to be under the whip of the bourgeois, because otherwise we would lose our right of having a slow death and we would die immediately.

If we were not to enter the factories, if we were to stop constructing
their buildings, if we were to stop cleaning the streets, if we were
to stop teaching their future slaves, if we were to stop fixing “the
malfunctioning”, if we were to stop entering their educational
institutions, the whole world would stop; but if they, their class,
stopped existing, the world would still be turning on its axis, their
existence isn’t necessary, without them there wouldn’t be parasites to feed.

So, after having recognized and witnessed the humiliating,
destructive, and inhumane characteristic of this system, from any side we want to see it, directly confronting the beast, what do have to say? That we can fix it? That we can put a nice ribbon around it and say: “This is the pile of garbage I want”? Or has it been enough
bleeding? Or have we had enough hunger, shanty towns, and sicknesses? Will we just stop at blockading the passage of a mid-term agreement, will we let them intimidate us, are we about to settle down and receive open handedly our old lives back? Or has it been enough that we finally say: “Yes, there’s no other way around it, we have no other option but to raze away this system where the means of production are in the hands of a small group of people, in the hands of the bourgeoisie.”

Let’s break off the chains, throw them on the ground, step on them so that we could pick up the tools we will use to build the new society, where the means of productions are in the hands of humanity, communism!

We know what the problem is, who our enemy is, what we fight against and we know what our potential is; we know that we are the ones that make the world move around and that together with our annoyance of being exploited we have the capacity to obtain a life without exploitation, without repression, without classes. This isn’t a
“beautiful” ideal. It is what’s coming and it’s inevitable. But for
that complete change to happen it is important to recognize our
solidarity, to recognize that we are part of generations and
generations of struggle, that we are the proletarian class; the key is
our international class unity!

In these days of intense protests and strikes, where we manifest our
class anger, as we clash and come face to face with capitalism’s watch dogs we make this putrid system’s bases rumble. Throwing the punch and yelling our rejection deliberately open against this capitalist system, we, proletarians of the world, unite our struggles all over the world, declaring war on this decrepit society.

It’s time now! The circumstances ask for it, our class asks for it:
It’s time to strengthen our class unity, establish our ways of
organizations and extend our struggles throughout every corner of the world.

Let’s carry on! Let’s not give up the fight because we have a whole
new life to win!




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