Music Notes May 2011

May 31, 2011 at 12:13 am (Uncategorized)

What I’ve been listening to this month.

1. Stornoway – 4AD Sessions (Tour EP edition)

Oh sure, the songs are available elsewhere, but there’s a lovely handmade sleeve to go with these lovely songs. Sure to be going for $500 on E-bay anyway now. Pick it up if you see them on tour.  

2. EWA – Past Life Martyred Saints

A sort of grungy, grimy spoken word electronica that’s quietly compelling. How can you resist a record that contains the line, “fuck California, you made me boring.” Playing the Garrison in Toronto in June.  

3. Beasts of Burdon – The Axeman’s Jazz

Australian cow-punks, heavy on the irony, perfect listening after you re-watched the Proposition. Best track: The Day Marty Robbins Died.

4 Television – Adventure

I’ve never really understood why Television aren’t played to death on classic rock radio – these are classic rock songs (OK, I do understand). Not quite as perfect as Marque Moon, but pretty close. This re-issued re-masted version contains a few alternative versions, but that doesn’t really matter. Tom Verlaine’s muscular guitar and whiney vocals are good enough for me.

5. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

Er, OK, I admit it, I love this record. From neo-Phil spectorisms to the tribal sound of Get Some, everything about this record works. A perfect pop release. Damn those Swedes are good.  

6. Cornershop – Cornershop and the Double O Groove of

In which Cornershop disappear behind the lovely vocals of Bubbley Kaur to create a more traditional Indian sound. Punjabi hip hop folk music or something like that. Oh, just get it, you’ll love it.

7. Anna Calavi – Anna Calvi

My thoughts about Anna Calvi are best summed up in the review of her show I wrote yesterday, so I won’t go on here too much. needless to say, this is an amazing record by an astonishing new talent. Quiet when it needs to be; ferocious when it can be.  

8. Captain Beefheart – The MirrorMan Sessions

Erm, the follow-up to Safe as Milk, sort of. Deeply weird blues, and essential listening all the same. Beefheart jams out with songs lasting as long as 18 minutes. Like it or not, you have to admit the man was some sort of genius.

9. The Ravonettes – Raven in the Grave

Leaving aside the dreadful pun, the new Raveonettes album sounds…er…exactly like all the other Raveonettes records, which si never a bad things. For fans of the Everly Brothers and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

10. Dexy’s Mdnight Runners – Searching for the Young Soul Rebels (Deluxe Edition)

If you think Come On Eileen when someone mentions Dexy’s, you might be forgiven, but you really owe it to yourself to check out their first record. Before the urban folk sound, Dexy;s were all about Geno Washington and the new soul. The deluxe format has a whole record of outtakes, BBC sessions, B-sides and more.

And lastly, let’s give a moment’s silence for Gil Scott-Heron who passed away at 62 a few days back. Leaving us much too soon, the man gave us tracks that will never be forgotten.


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