Bread and Circuses 2011

April 29, 2011 at 11:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Well at least the British got their bread in the form of a four-day weekend for the royal wedding. In Canada, we get the circus on Monday with yet another pointless election. 

As to the wedding of Kate and William. I confess, I didn’t watch it. No surprise there as I’ve been an anti-monarchist for many long years. (sorry mum, but you know it’s true).  That the royal family and the royal wedding have managed to create such a fuss only   confirms the truth that British continues to limp along on past glories, the continued triumph of style over substance.

When I argue with people about this parasitic institution, two arguments are offered:

1. The existence of the monarchy brings tourist dollars into the country. True, people are inexplicable, to me anyone, fascinated by the royals, but the stately homes and jewels would continue to exist, and I suspect the royal do not come with a financial cost (the millions of dollars in security for one thing)

2. They provide unity. Well, that may have some truth. A few years ago, everyone hated them! William and Kate may have breathed some life into the family business, but a quick round of toe-sucking scandals would easily disappear the current good will.

As for the happy couple, I don’t have any animosity for them. But as for what they represent, perhaps it’s said best on this commentary on K-Punk.

And onto the Canadian Federal election. Why, it’s all turning out as I predicted. Er, sort of. The Conservatives did run a campaign that was mean-spirited and dishonest. The Liberals mumbled about Harper and his hidden agenda, and Michael Ignatiev ran an increasingly ineffective campaign. And the BQ and the Green party made even less of a splash than usual.

What I missed completely, but in all fairness so did they, was the surge in popularity of the NDP and in particular Jack Layton. On one level, it may be understandable; after all, Layton seems the most friendly and trustworthy of the leaders. Given that dislike of the other leaders, Layton may be benefitting  by default.

The paper support does seem to be causing some consternation though. A news report I saw on Wednesday referred to the NDP as socialist no fewer than six times. Now, the tepid pale pink NDP can be accused of many things, but socialist is not one of them. On all the fundamentals, including support for the assaults on Libya, the NDP is a loyal party of capitalism. Yes, Socialist Worker may tell you a vote for the NDP is a vote for the workers, but it just ain’t so.

So it remains to be seem what will happen. Whether Stephen Harper will get his majority. Or will he be denied another time and have the NDP as his ever so loyal opposition?

One thing is for sure, that the fundamental nature of this class society will not changed. And whoever occupies 24 Sussex Drive will not even make a flicker of difference in that regard.


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