Music Notes March 2011

March 29, 2011 at 9:41 pm (Uncategorized)

 This month’s musical treats.

1. Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

A dreadful band name, and quite frankly a silly cover to the album, but really it doesn’t make any difference. Liam Gallagher’s new band is essentially Oasis minus Noel, and it’s very much a return to form. Yeah, yeah, it’s an unabashed homage to classic sixties rock n roll (but still likely won’t be heard on classic rock radio), but it’s more than competent. If you’re into such things you can pick up the version with a DVD containing videos and a documentary. Rock on!

2. These New Puritans – Hidden

Last month, I wrote about TNP’s first record Beat Pyramid. Hidden is their second, and it’s a colossal step forward from an astounding debut. Still broadly post-punk, but incorporating global sounds and horns. Terrifyingly good. Check out “We Want a War”

3. Panic (Free CD with Mojo, March 2011)

Sometimes I feel as if I’m running a promo site for Mojo, but then again this is worth having. Panic collects together mid-eighties (and beyond ) protest tracks from the UK. Enjoy Billy Bragg, the Redskins, Half Man Half biscuit and more, but the real treat is Pete Wylie’s The Day Margaret Thatcher dies.”

4. Andres Landero – Grandes Cumbias

First heard of Landero on the soundtrack to the Joe Strummer movie, The Future is Unwritten. This is a greatest hits package, and although I haven’t a clue what he’s singing about, it’s utterly infectious.  What sounds like an accordion and percussion along with Landeros. Marvellous.

5. Syd Barret: A Very Irregular Head Rob Chapman

A very fine book about Syd Barrett chronicling his early life, through the Pink Floyd days and beyond. Some very cool pictures too.  

6. Cat’s Eye – “Not a Friend”

Don’t  know much about this one. Faris Rotter is the singer from the Horrors, but the voice is Rachel Zeffira a Canadian soprano.  It’s got a sort of Mazzy Star vibe, and has a smokey feel to it. You can get this as a free download from their site

7. Marine Research – Sounds from the Gulf Stream

After ploughing through Tender Trap’s, it was time to work backwards. Marine Research was a predecessor band, but the sound is just as lovely: indie pop heaven. 10 songs, all perfect. Next month, Tallulah Gosh.

8. Jace Everett – “Bad Things”

Funny how getting pictured up as the theme for a TV show can help your career. My wife and I recently watched the first season on True Blood on DVD. As the show starts there’s a lovely Chris Isaak-esque rockabilly song. Instantly hummable. Dunno what the rest is like, but this rates a mention.

9. Motorhead – Motorhead

The sound of great things to come. Lemmy’s post-Hawkwind project, and it sounds a little, well,  tame. The title track is great and there’s a pretty heavy version of “Train kept a rollin”, but overall the mix isn’t quite there. Next time round was Overkill and they never looked back.

10. The Kills – “Satellite”

Only a few days till the new Kills album is released, and yes I’m one of those uncool people who waits rather than scouring the internet for leaked downloads. Call me old-fashioned. Anyway, this is a very cool noir video. A certain Bonnie and Clyde meets Badlands feel to it. Watch it here, and get DNA as a free download when you join the mailing list.


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