March 10, 2011 at 4:17 am (Uncategorized)

With all the developments in North Africa over the past months, it’s been easy to forget the events in Wisconsin. Certainly capital would prefer us to believe that the North African uprisings are heroic struggles for (capitalist) democracy, while the events in Wisconsin are simply greedy workers who don’t understand the new reality.

David Letterman recently quipped that U.S. Officials were worried that if Wisconsin governor Scott Walker (thankfully not the singer) were defeated the vacuum might be filled by the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s the way, it’s presented isn’t it? (Iran had its own version, when it’s leaders applauded the events in Egypt than swiftly cracked down on those who sought to emulate events there)

 For so long we have been on the receiving end of savage attacks that when the working class stands up, we can only applaud. There’s an interesting report (and discussion on this on the Lib Com site based around a piece by Will Barnes. (My other source of news is the Trotskyist World Socialist Web Site, and while I disagree with their Leninist conclusions, they do provide a useful antidote to the bourgeois media) 

The problem I find in a lot of the commentaries, and especially in the leftist press is that it’s pitched as evil Republicans, dithering Democrats and heroic unions fighting the good fight.  But when you listen to the comments by many of the union leaders and their Democratic Party allies, you find the unions agree “we will have to make sacrifices. ” and when they saw “we,” it’s their members.

Scott Walker and the unions have pretty much already agreed that the issue is collective bargaining, not jobs or wages. Is it so radical a suggestion that the solution to this problem is not  negotiations of jobs given away, but wildcat strikes at the point of production?


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