And we’re back…with the Greenhornes

January 15, 2011 at 9:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Computer repairs have meant that I haven’t added anything in a while, but all that’s over with now.

So, anyway, I was listening to the Greenhornes’ Sewed Soles compilation  (see November’s Music Notes )this afternoon, and I finally got around to  reading the sleeve notes.  They begin with this insightful comment:

Everyone thinks they have good taste in music. Everyone. It’s like a fortune cookie which reads “you are a very creative person” which leads every miserable bastard who reads it to proclaim “wow…that’s me!” Everyone has good taste in music. But nowadays, it feels like you need to be a detective at Scotland Yard to find something which the Americans call “swell.” Well, I’m a mathematician, and being so means sometimes what radio and T.V. are telling me simply isn’t good enough for the gander. I simply must have the facts.

Brush Thomalson.

Now this is the point where I add all sorts of hyperbola and people’s eyes glaze over. But the thing is, it’s not hyperbola. They really are that good. A lot of their material sounds as it if could have appeared on Nuggets or have been recorded by a Memphis soul band: Now that might make it sound as if their sound is derivative, but strangely it’s not. It’s fresh.

The new album Four Stars has been out for a couple of months, and you can listen to them at their MySpace page or visit their main page for Tour details and all that sort of stuff. They play Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern April 3.


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