Best Coast in Toronto – A Review

September 27, 2010 at 12:54 am (Uncategorized)

Just remember, if you’re planning to catch a band at Lee’s Palace on a Saturday night, get there early: Parking is hell.

So with that out-of-the-way, I was still early enough to catch Best Coast’s third trip to Toronto this year, and this time on the back of a smashing debut album Crazy for You

Opening band Male Bonding came on at 10:45.  In my opinion, it’s a daft  name, which could only have been mitigated if the three member UK group were women. Unfortunately, none of them were.

Male Bonding are on Sub Pop. Remember those great Sub Pop bands like Nirvana and Mudhoney. Well there were other not so great bands and Male bonding is the latter category. Noisy, chunky rock, but forgettable rock. The guys near me liked them, but they let out coyote howls throughout the evening which is not usually the sign of a discerning fan. The was a brief 25 minutes, but I didn’t really mind. It was nice to see Best Coast’s drummer Ali Koehler come out to sing back-up on their final song though. (In general, Best Coast do seem to be a very down to earth band – Bob Bruno worked the merch table, and band members were seen setting up their own equipment)

Best Coast released a series of well-received singles over the last year or so, and this summer released their first full length record. The band seems  to tour incessantly, but seeing them live, you can see why. The bad feelings built up through Male bonding’s set were instantly dispelled by the arrival of Best Coast. From the first notes of their set, they brought a joy to Lee’s Palace that was hard to disguise.

Singer and guitarist Beth Cosentino announced she was feeling like shit, but would try to get through the set.Apart from some retching near the end, she did admirably. While the bulk of the set was from the album, it was nice to see the band play some of the older  (?) songs too, although unfortunately for me they didn’t play “In my room.” 

The only disappointment was the length of the set: 40 minutes and a 1 song encore does seem brief (Cosentino’s illness didn’t seem to be a factor here). But hey, the ticket price was very reasonable, and while they played, they were sublime.  If you haven’t heard the album, do so, and while you’re at it, check out those early singles.  


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  1. jo said,

    their album is the last item I put in my backpack for my summer island getaway. So when typhoons made the beach close, I could still have the Best Coast at home.

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