Dreaming of Far Off Places…and Neologism

September 19, 2010 at 11:18 pm (Uncategorized)

I wonder if there’s a word that means a longing desire initiated by a work of fiction. There should be. 

I read all of William Gibson’s early works. Even though the concepts books like Neuromancer described are now ubiquitous, the books themselves are still stunning. I loved Gibson’s work, but somehow I didn’t read his later works.

A review of his latest Zero History peaked my interest, but as it was the third of a trilogy, I decided to read the first two books before this one. I started Pattern Recognition a few days ago, and am completely hooked. Not least because of the first part of the novel’s setting in London. Cayce spends the first hundred or so pages in london at a friend’s apartment, but the descriptions of the city have filled me with an ache to see the pace again. I haven’t been to the UK in ten years, but maybe it’s time again.

My proposal for that word then is fictoyearning.  Not perfect by any means, but use it and we’ll see what happens. Maybe someone will come up with a better word.


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