Best Coast – Crazy for You

August 9, 2010 at 11:51 am (Uncategorized)

Mentioned Best Coast in last month’s Music Notes, but here’s a review by the fine people at  Soundscapes which contains plenty of truth.  The album is so good I can almost ignore the horrible grammar problem in “Boyfriend” ( – “I wish you was my boyfriend”  ) The band plays Lee’s Palace on September 25, $13.


Oh man, did I ever have this record in the crosshairs. From the budget, kitsch-conscious cover to the surf-worthy wavves (sic) of hype that have been cascading forth ever since their singles first started to leak, I have been sure of one thing: Best Coast was bunch of hip hot air. And no way was I gonna get sucked into its undertow. I’ll just have one listen, y’know, so that I actually know what I’m talking about rather than just being some reactionary jerk…

And that was all it took. One listen became two, became three, became the commute to and from work. Turns out Best Coast was just like John Locke when he becomes the Smoke Monster in the last season of Lost: you’ve got to stab them right in the heart fast before they can sing to you or you become powerless.

Which is precisely where I’m at with this record: powerless and entirely at its mercy. Sure, I can gain enough rational thought to assess that some tracks like “Bratty B” are somewhat lazy examples of noisy surf-pop—ones where the tendency toward simplicity produces something more inane than immediate. But for the most part, Crazy For You is as gorgeously gooey and instantly agreeable as a day at the beach with a bottomless rum punch. And the best part of Best Coast? Singer Bethany Cosentino can really sing. Her voice is dynamite, occasionally even mustering a headiness akin to Neko Case’s little sister, all dizzy with reverb and sultriness. She takes an entire album of über-straightforward fuzzy indie pop and grounds it with personality and emotion—the highs kick higher, and ballads swoon heavier. And no amount of worldly cynicism that I can muster can deny her or her band’s awesome record.

As Bethany herself sings two songs in: “You drive me crazy, but I love you.” Exactly.




  1. gmacmedia said,

    Sounds ymmy. I hope to track this one down. thanks for the review.

  2. ballnoir said,

    It’s about ZZ top, are you interesting in their show at Casino Rama next 9th?

    • fischerzed said,

      I saw ZZ Top about 17 years ago at Maple Leaf Gardens when I worked for CPI. I’ve never been a fan of ZZ Top or the whole southern boogie thing (I know, I know, correct me if you must Allman Brothers listeners). Never been to Casinorama though.

  3. PD said,

    Yep, this review hits the nail on the head. I downloaded it earlier per your recommendation. Despite discomfort at its packaged hipness, light pop and commercial pitch, I can’t help but like it.

  4. desperateK said,

    err… she actually sings “I wish he was my boydriend”, that’s why the lyrics are written in the THIRD person after that… “I’d love him to the very end…”…

  5. fischerzed said,

    Hmm. My bad? I spent a fair bit of time this morning re-listening, and I swear in a couple of places it sounds as if Beth sings the disputed line. This is why you should include a lyric sheet.

    If I were going to save some dignity, I might argue that since she uses “wish” this is a conditional sentence, and therefore “were” is appropriate. Oh well.

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