Growing Older, but not necessarily wiser

July 10, 2010 at 11:29 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve heard that  in France people say, if you’re not a communist by the time you’re 21, you have no heart. Makes sense. When you’re young , you’re full of fire, and often a burning desire to change the world.

Of course, the other part of the adage is that if you’re still a communist by the time you’re 30, you have no brains. (Ha ha ha) So with heavy heart, I turned 46 today.

Well, actually not so heavy (although the politics are impossible to get rid of now.).

I probably should have gone downtown to the G-20 follow-up demonstration to protest the police actions during the summit, but if you read yesterday’s post, you know I owed the kids a trip to Canada’s Wonderland.

It’s always fun, in a completely artificial sort of way. Never mind the crowds and the lining up (I’m fairly amazed about how generally good-natured people are about waiting), the rides are kind of fun. I’m not a thrill jockey, but I did ride one level 5 ride (the wild beast) which rattled my dental work and my brains somewhat. 

Birthdays are not really a big deal for me. I know a lot of people like to make a big show, and I can recall a big argument with someone at work about the importance of them. Me, I like them quiet. My daughter made me a card, my son gave me a hug. My wife “bought” (I picked up she reimbursed) me a copy of Alan Moore’s From Hell. I have beer in the fridge. There’s a new episode of Doctor Who on tonight, and I have a couple of episodes of Rome season 1 to watch. Starbucks even gave me a free cup of coffee.

The best birthday I’ve had in years. Hope yours is as good.


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