Montreal Anarchist Bookfair – A report

May 30, 2010 at 7:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I was in Montreal yesterday for the 11th annual anarchist bookfair. From fairly humble beginnings in 2000, the bookfair has grown into a week-long event with presentations, cultural and political events and of course the fair itself. This year the fair is spread across two days. (If you’re reading this in the next hour or so, you could still check it out  – the fair closes at 5PM EST.)

When I saw some of the organizers at the Toronto bookfair in April, they told me to expect a bit in sales as the fair was now going to be two-day, but the number of  people attending wasn’t an obvious decline (I did experience a small dip in sales, but that was probably because I forgot copies of Radical Anthroplogy which is always a good seller.

My table was next to a delegate from the Swedisah anarcho-syndicalist union Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation (Central Organsation of the Working Class, who had free pens, buttons, key chains and some rather nice mints made by transportation workers.

I had some good conversations about education reform, the libertarian credentials of Ron Paul, anarchy and Marxism, anarcho-syndicalism, anthropology, CLR James, and much more. The bookfair always draws a good crowd.  

Of course, the big topic was the upcoming G-20 summit in Toronto and the likely repression that will accompany it. As I watch the seemingly daily news accounts of what will and what will not be “allowed,” it is increasingly obvious, the state is preparing to take a hard-line.  

More on that later.

Next Saturday is the Hamilton bookfair. Get all of the details here. I’ll have copies of Internationalist Perspective, Aufheben, Radical Anthropology, plus Notes from Underground pamphlets, PM and AK Press books and CDs, and assorted used books. Come and say hello.


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