LCD Soundsystem in Toronto – A Review

May 30, 2010 at 8:38 pm (Uncategorized)


It seemed somehow appropriate to head down to the Kool House on the hottest day of the year so far (actually one of the hottest May 25ths on record in Toronto).

And the Kool House was cool. Cool like a big cave. Which meant a problem for opening act Holy Ghost. The band played an energetic dance pop. Pleasant enough, but in a half-full venue it sounded as if they were playing in that vast cave. It just didn’t carry. The band started punctually at 8:15 and were done by 8:55 (actually this was before the times advertised on the venue web site – what kind of rock concert starts early!). I ventured out onto the floor for a while, and while the sound was better, it didn’t stay with me for very long.

But onto LCD Soundsystem. I fell in love with LCD Soundsystem about three years ago. Late again I know, but like many who fall late, I fell deeply. And so when I heard that This is Happening was to the last LCD album, seeing them live became a matter of urgency, even though it does seem unlikely t tha this is the last we see of the band. 

Just before the band entered, it struck me just how full the venue was. I’d gotten there early and snagged a seat, but one that was completely useless in terms of sight lines: Time to get away. LCD Soundsystem came on stage at about 9:30 (as advertised!) and opened with “Us vs Them.” Rapidly followed the current single “Drunk Girls,” and before we knew it we were singing and dancing, completely caught up in the event.

Even though I love the band, I have to admit I don’t love all of their songs equally. It’s unclear to me whether LCD are a dance band who like to rock or a rock band who like to dance, but in any event, many of the songs are little too, well, dancey for my taste. However, as a friend of mine argues, dance music sounds great when you’re at a club. And they did.

It was a fairly simple formula. Murphy, keyboard player Nancy Whang, drummer Pat Mahoney, and the other members of Murphy’s live band blast though extended, energetic versions of their set list, drawn from all three albums with a minimum of fuss. Between songs Murphy was entertaining (suggesting that those recording the show on camera phones might enjoy actually watching the show too) and poignant (dedicating a song to the late Will Munro.

LCD played for about an hour and fifteen minutes. There was a brief break and they came out and played three encore numbers: Something Great, Losing my Edge, and a lovely “New York, I love you.”  to close out the evening  the evening and send us out into the warm air.

Set list

Us vs. Them
Drunk Girls
Get Innocuous
Yr City’s a Sucker
Pow Pow
Daft Punk is Playing at my House
All I Want
All My Friends
I Can Change

Something Great
Losing my edge
New York I love you (But You’re Bringnig me Down)



  1. kaliyuga said,

    I would love to see Home from the new record make its way into setlists.

    Yr City’s a Sucker
    Pow Pow
    Daft Punk is Playing at my House
    All I Want
    All My Friends

    is a pretty amazing run, though.

    • fischerzed said,

      The record has really grown on me over the past few weeks. The live show was a pretty good distillation of the three albums, and even though they didn’t play every song we wanted, they certainyl played enough of the right ones.

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