Happy May 1st

May 1, 2010 at 12:41 pm (Uncategorized)

May 1 International Workers Day.

The Chicago rally at Haymarket Square was the result of years of struggle. Men died, were murdered by the state, gave their lives in workers’ struggle. It’s all quiet now in the official consciousness.

In Toronto, where I live, there is no real celebration of May Day. Until their split in the early 1990s, the Communist Party used to put on a little march, and sporadically since then marches are organized, but there’s nothing of importance. Various little Trotskyist group hold May Day celebrations, but they are nothing to speak of.

Today, in Queen’s Park in downtown Toronto, the Toronto Freedom Festival, an outgrowth of the legalize marijuana movement is likely to draw tens of thousands. Likewise, Free Comic Book day will draw many more geeks that the May Day events.   

But history is important. The struggles of the past are important. And we should not forget.

Have a read of The Incomplete, True, Authentic History of May Day by Peter Linebaugh over at the Midnight Notes site.

Happy May Day.


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