anarchy in toronto 2010

April 12, 2010 at 1:23 am (Uncategorized)

I posted a couple of times earlier this week about the Toronto anarchist assembly which was held this weekend.

The bookfair part was on Saturday and Sunday at the Steelworkers Hall downtown, but I only went for Saturday.

I arrived early and helped set-up – it never hurts to help out, especially when table locations haven’t been assigned yet. My six-year old was along for the ride, and he was as good as gold, although he did keep asking when we could go. (When his mother asked him which part he liked best he said, with all the brutal honesty of a child, “Leaving.”)

In the early noughties (naughties?) Toronto had three anarchist bookfairs: In 2002, 2003 and 2004. There was supposed to be another, but somehow it fell apart. Last year, they tried again. I was supposed to go, but for some reason didn’t.

By all accounts, this years was larger. Several hundred people wandered through to look at tables by PM Press, the IWW, Common Cause, and many more.    The note on my table just said my name and “ultra left.” It should have said “Notes from Underground”, but that’s OK.

It’s an odd thing how the anarchists have become the group which does bookfairs. Prehaps because anarchism is such a broad church, it allows for people to get together. The Leninist left just doesn’t seem to be able to play nicely, and so its events are solo affairs.

I sold copies of Internationalist Perspective and Aufheben, distributed leaflets nad pamphlets and had some interesting conversations. Anarchist clearly means different things to different people as some of the decidedly non-anarchist t-shirts testified, but all in all worth doing.

Montreal next month, then Hamilton in June.

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