Music Notes March 2010

March 31, 2010 at 10:21 pm (Uncategorized)

This month’s music notes.

1. The Soft Pack – The Soft Pack

This year’s pick to click. Featured on a number of bands to watch for list, San Diego’s The Soft Pack (formerly the Muslims) produce crunchy, melodic pop-punk. Not the second coming, but quite enjoyable for the time it’s on.

2. Buzzcocks – Another Music in a Different Kitchen

Recently re-released with lots and lots of cool extras. For your hard-earned dollars you get,  the original album, the relevant singles, a Peel session, and another album of demos and a live show. About half of it never before released.

Very nice package. For the completest, it’s marvellous.  The second and third Buzzcocks albums have been re-released in this format too.

3. Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport

Layer upon layer of groovy electronic sounds from their second album. Playing Toronto next month. I bought a ticket, so  we’ll see how it goes.

4. She and Him – Volume 1

I suppose I’m fairly late in discovering this one, especially since Volume 2 has just appeared. Catchy alt-folk sounds. I’m not so crazy about M. Ward, but I have a little crush on Zooey Deschanel. I was slow in trying to buy tickets for their June Toronto show, so I missed out, but I can still listen to the record again.

5. LCD Soundsystem -Drunk girls.

New single! New single! Listen to it on Pitchfork.

6. The White Stripes – Under Great Northern Skies

Their first live album, along with a documentary of their Canadian tour. With the White Stripes the quality varies wildly. I haven’t liked their last few records, as Jack has seemed more preoccupied with his other bands, but this is a great fiery record. Full of energy. Haven’t had a chance to see the DVD yet.

7. Mojo

A plug for the old magazine. I used to read the New Musical Express when I was a kid. When I moved to Canada, I read Trouser Press. Later on it was Spin. In the nineties I read Flipside and for a while Maximum Rock n Roll. For the last three years, it’s been Mojo. Like the free CD each month. It’s exposed me to a lot of new things. This month its the 13th Floor Elevators, Peter Gabriel, Serge Gainsbourg and lots of reviews. The CD? Dream pop, featuring … 

8. Galaxie 500

Slower! Quieter! All the Galaxie records hare now available again. Each one has a bonus CD (already available elsewhere) of Peel Sessions, Live cuts or rarities. If you don’t know them, it’s worth it. Hypnotic.  

9. Shirley Bassey – Greatest Hits

Yeah I know Goldfinger, Big Spender, but man what a voice she has. 73 and still working. I don’t care, it’s the voice that’s true.

10. Codeine Velvet Club – I am the Resurrection

You’re either foolish or brave to cover the Stone Roses, especially such a magnificent song as this one. don’t know much about the band, but I love this re-imagining of the song. Get it at

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