The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle part…?

March 25, 2010 at 10:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Ann Coulter and the Sex Pistols? Not as strange as it might sound at first.

Ann Coulter was recently in Canada for a three-date speaking tour at the University of Western Ontario, the University of Ottawa and the university of Calgary.  After a, ahem, spirited session at the UWO, Coulter received an email from the University of Ottawa provost  essentially asking her to mind her manners.

Coulter seized upon the email to cry censorship, placing herself in the role of free speech advocate, the victim of a hate crime, etc. Coulter was able to generate a considerable amount of publicity for herself and her remaining dates, suggesting a double standard for conservatives and liberals, and wondering if muslims ever received such treatment (answer: well, Ann if you were in charge they likely would… Coulter might also remember UK MP George Galloway who was refused entry to Canada a little while ago)     

As it turned out, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Crowds who turned out to protest her appearance at the University of Ottawa led to the cancellation by the organizers, and fresh accusations of censorship.

 Free speech, largely an illusion as real access to public discourse is strictly regulated,  means everyone gets to have their say – even the hateful, but also the protesters. In fact, authors , entertainers , provocateurs  agent provocateurs? Oh I give up, people like Ann Coulter need a reaction. Without the outrage where would Ann Coulter ? (probably where Andrew Dice Clay went after people stopped paying attention to him)

Of course, I realise the irony of writing about this, but it struck me this morning, how eerily similar Coulter’s shtick was to the lessons set out by Malcom McClaren to build up the Sex Pistols. In case anyone’s forgotten there they are: 


1. How to manufacture your own group

2. Establish the name Sex Pistols Ann Coulter

3. Sell the Swindle

4. Do not play, don’t give the game away

5. How to steal as much money as possible from the record company of your choice

6. Become the world’s greatest tourist attraction

7. Cultivate hatred. It’s your greatest asset.

8. How to diversity your business. What a business.

9. Taking civilization to the barbarians

10. Who killed Bambi?

Malcolm would be proud.

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  1. Marie la Star said,

    Oh god…what a parasite for humanity

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