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February 10, 2010 at 12:25 am (Uncategorized)

Long overdue, so here are a few new links. I’ll probably add more soon as the mood strikes me.

Counago and Spaves

A comment on a recent post here at Notes from Underground led me to this blog. Culture and politics, and lots of interesting links. Any blog that lists the Three Johns and Tiswas is OK with me.

If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger

Very cool celebrity and non photographs. Possible to spend hours browsing here.

Internationalist Perspective Blog

Shorter articles and exchanges by IP.

UK anarchist, but not just, library. Amazing collection of materials and discussion boards. Hosts Red & Black Notes materials.   

Massive Attack

My favourite band of the moment. New album out right now!


UK magazine. Politics and culture again.

Sketchy Thoughts

Montreal blog tending toward direct action, but also covers events in the city.  


Carl Wilson’s blog. Covers Toronto music and other stuff. Author of an interesting book on Celine Dion. 


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  1. John Green said,

    Thanks for the link!


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