Curse You Joss Whedon!

January 10, 2010 at 1:06 am (Uncategorized)


I had decided I wouldn’t write anything more about Dollhouse until the end of the series on January 22, but last night’s episode “Getting Closer,” just knocked me out.

On the face of it, Dollhouse didn’t seem like a winner: The story of an organization which takes people and mind-wipes them each week only to imprint them with new temporary personalities for the entertainment of the clients doesn’t seem like a winner. It’s repulsive. Especially, in the case of Sierra who was into this form of slavery.

The early episodes weren’t much fun. Better than a lot of shows on TV in terms of the writing and the dialogue, but not what we’d come to expect from Joss (notice how we all feel close enough to be on a first name basis?)

But then a wonderous thing happened. The personality of the week faded, and the real story became the evolving personality of Echo (Eliza Dushka). Suddenly we cared about the Dolls, and even the ‘evil’ masters of the Dollhouse, including Adelle and Topher. Still, it wasn’t ever going to be a  mass show, and when word of cancellation came, it was not a surprise.

Strangely, the shows since cancellation have been some of the best.  Last night’s episode “Getting Closer” is a case in point. Now longtime fans of Joss Whedon’s work have come to expect two principles in the world: first, plot twists are the norm. Second, if there’s a character the audience loves, KILL THEM.  (Joyce, Tara,  Wesley, Anya, Sheppard, the list goes on and on…) 

Well, I’m an old hand, but last night caught me off guard. Oh, good Amy Acker is back as Dr. Saunders. And boy was she back! And the revelation about  the true head of Rossum also took me by surprise.  

This post in the Onion’s AV Club does a nice job of summing up the episode for me.  so curse you Joss Whedon, and curse you too Lindsey for now I owe you a cup of coffee – Rossum isn’t something made up for Whedon geeks, but from a  play by Czeck playwright  Karel Capek. Read it here

Two to go.



  1. Lindsey Ginou said,

    Yay! Now I have been cursed formally on the internet! But really, did you expect Joss to lie about something like that? You know fan boys love to show off their knowledge of obscure facts and Joss is a professional Fan Boy.

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