The End of Dollhouse

November 13, 2009 at 3:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Work commitments and a trip to New York (post coming soon!) have meant I haven’t done much posting or even on-line stuff of late. So I didn’t hear until this morning that Fox had cancelled Dollhouse

Hardly a surprise. Actually the surprise was it got a second season. I’m glad at least that Fox will honour its commitment to the episodes it ordered and give Joss a chance to end the show.

When compared to Joss’ three other shows, Buffy the Vampire slayer, Angel, and Firefly, I’d likely say Dollhouse  was my least favourite. The pacing was different, and the general premise is quite unlikable. With Whedon’s other shows we rooted for the good guys and the underdogs, but in Dollhouse, the central characters are doing something quite unconscionable.  And While Eliza Dushka is a fine actress, I never entirely bought her performance in the roles.

Yet, Dollhouse did do something remarkable. It made you more interested in the back story that the main story. That and the characteristic wit and plot twists made Dollhouse still one of the best things on TV – the people involved even tried to promote the show with full irony, by suggesting it was “the best show you’re not watching.” 

Such is life.


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