Songs about Work

August 24, 2009 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)

An article appeared in the Financial Times in March by Lucy Kellaway about work songs. Apparently most songs dealing with the subject are negative. You think?

Kellaway concludes:

 The thing that unites these songs is the knee-jerk idea from people who have probably never set foot in an office that work is bad if you have it and bad if you lose it. Workers are put upon and bosses are horrid and it’s all pretty wretched.

Actually, the second part just about sums it up (although, I think I detect sarcasm).

Work is horrible; however, not having work is pretty awful too.

Work is alienating, dreary, and tiring. It takes away the joy of existence. The only thing is, sometimes, it helps to pay for it. Sometimes.

I was amused last week by a article in the Toronto Globe and Mail, explaining how large bonuses are necessary for executive and managers because it ensures they do a good job. The rest of us are expected to work for the love of work, to give 120% until we’re fired.

There are few songs about how good work is because it isn’t good.


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