The Coming Insurrection

July 3, 2009 at 7:36 pm (Uncategorized)

About a month ago, a group came together at a New York Barnes and Nobles to announce/celebrate the English publication of The Coming Insurrection, a text published in France by an anonymous group called the Invisible Committee.

It’s this year’s buzz.

There’s an extremely loopy rant by Glenn Beck on the book which makes me want to read the thing. Download a copy yourself .



  1. dn said,

    Have you read it yet? I’m slowly making my way through it, but so far I’m unimpressed. Seems like the usual anarchist spiel. That’s not to say that it’s bad, necessarily, but it’s still nothing that hasn’t been said before (and with less misguided literary pretensions).

    What it’s done to earn this media attention is beyond me, but I have a feeling that part of its appeal to the middle-class liberals of the left is its reticence on the subject of the working. That and the mystique of it being a “dangerous” book. But, as I said, I haven’t read much of it at all yet — that’s only an impression I have so far.

    Any further comments you might have to make on it in a future post (or maybe an review in a future issue of IP!) would be appreciated indeed.

    • fischerzed said,

      I’m working my way through the thing at the moment, and overall, I’d agree with your general impression. Certainly nothing so far to get excited about. I’ll probably post something when I’m finished.

      As to IP, the next issue will be out in a month or so, the contents are pretty well sorted. It’s more likely, a review or comment will appear on our blog.


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