TV Smith Toronto Show – Update

June 25, 2009 at 7:04 pm (Uncategorized)

I was about to post on the TV Smith show with Jay Readtard at the Mod Club next week, when I came across this piece of bad news from TV’s web site .

Very disappointing. But what can you do?

Jun 09 USA tour in doubt
Visa delays mean that it now seems certain that TV will be unable to appear on the first dates of the US tour with Jay Reatard due to start Friday. Despite TV’s visa being approved, current backlogs in the embassy in London mean that final ratification has not yet taken place and without it he will be unable to travel. TV says: “I am extremely disappointed about this as I was very much looking forward to touring with Jay Reatard and getting the chance to play for my fans in the US. The visa application process started in early March to make sure that the everything was ready in time but new security procedures brought in recently have led to huge delays at the embassy. I’m doing everything possible to secure a meeting with them and still hope to be able to join the tour at a later point.” Watch this space. 

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