Long Hot Summer

June 24, 2009 at 6:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Summer officially arrived on Sunday, and for the first three days, it’s been hot and muggy in Toronto.

On Monday, members of CUPE 416 and 79 (inside and outside city workers) went on strike.  So no garbage pick up. Already the complaints about lazy workers are flooding the letters pages and talk radio lines: CUPE’s demand? They want to be able to keep unused sick days. You’d think the corporate scandals of the last year never happened. Suddenly it’s greedy workers and belt tightening again.

Another panic was caused when it was announced that workers at the Liquor Store may strike tonight (As a hold over from its puritan days, it’s still diffiuclt to buy liquor outise of the government-run stores). The women in the store I spoke to this morning as I filled my fridge said the lines were out the door yesterday.  

Next week, workers at the Globe and Mail may walk.

As the great TV Smith once noted,  ‘some day my string will snap, and the balance will swing back.’

With garbage mounting, no liquor and nothing to read, it’s going to be an interesting summer.  

Here’s Tom Robinson’s take:

Long Hot Summer

Hey Joe, get up and go
Wouldn’t like to tell you twice
Hey mac, get off my back
Didn’t ask your advice
There’s all this heat
Out in the street
Telling us to move along

It’s gonna be a long hot summer
From now on

Hey man, I don’t understand
We ain’t hardly bothering you
Say fag, you’re just a drag
We ain’t nearly finished with you
There’s all this heat
Out on the beat
Telling us we don’t belong

It’s gonna be a long hot summer
From now on

Hey Dan, give us a hand
We won’t make it alone
But we can all make a stand
Next time the whistle’s blown
So get your feet
Out on the street
When you hear the heat is on

It’s gonna be a long hot summer
From now on Look out sisters
Look out brothers
We won’t be fooled again

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