A final word on Dollhouse…for now

May 9, 2009 at 9:23 pm (Uncategorized)

According to unnamed sources at Fox, Dollhouse is ‘on the bubble.’ It other words, it might be renewed for a second season; but , it might not. After last night’s season finale ‘Omega,’ it seemed as if Joss Whedon and the other people at Dollhouse were expecting to continue, but just in case they crafted a final episode which allowed the series to end there.

‘Omega’ was the conclusion to last week’s ‘Alpha.’ And just in case of cancellation, Whedon tied up a lot of loose ends for us: Who is Alpha and just what happened to make him who his is? Well, it seems that mad scientists from Victor Frankenstein on  on down have failed to learn the lesson that when you want to play God, make sure the material you use is high grade. In Alpha’s case, he was a serial killer in the making who traded time with the Dollhouse for a shorter sentence. A lab accident later and Alpha’s 48 personalities convince him he is a higher being (literally Deus ex machina). He kidnaps Echo to create a similar being with all of her imprints. Echo is naturally sceptical after hearing Alpha’s plan along with his nietzschean overtones: Creating a high being along with a little German, what could go wrong?

But even as the episode moves into high gear with a very satisfying showdown between Alpha and Echo, the show falters. Alpha escapes across the rooftops giggling while Echo crawls to retrieve Caroline’s personality. It was a letdown.

The first few episodes of Dollhouse showed promise, but , in my opinion, it’s only as the story swings away from the assignment-of-the-week to the back story, and the continuing development of the Echo that the show becomes essential.  The ending seemed a step back.

But that’s not to say the show didn’t have its delights: Alan Tudyk’s scene stealing performance as Alpha was brilliant. Likewise Topher, who got the lion’s share of the memorable lines in this episode. It was perhapsinevitable too that Agent Ballard would come to work for the dollhouse (I though he would become Echo’s handler, but there’s still time), although exactly why (just to save Millie?) and the terms of his contract are not quite clear. Lastly, lovely Amy Acker’s character Dr. Sanders turns out to be a doll too, formerly the most popular active Whiskey (disfigured by Alpha as part of his evolving serial killer signature). And what does she mean when she asks Topher why he had to make her hate him so much? Ooh, who else is a doll?  

Enough to warrent a second season? I hope so.


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  1. khromov said,

    Hope to see a second season!

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