Number 100

March 16, 2009 at 9:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve written for a lot of publications in my life. A short list of the political ones includes Socialist Action (Canada), Socialist Challenge, 1917, Militant (UK), Labor Militant, Z, Internationalist Perspective, Red & Black Notes, the Discussion Bulletin, Kick it Over, New Socialist, Collective Action Notes, Industrial Worker, News & Letters, Unsettled (Toronto IWW newsletter), and probably a few others I’m forgetting.

On this blog, I’ve managed one hundred posts in ten months. Now, not all of those posts are original or full posts (many are just links), but the tally is approximately ten posts a month. Two posts a week. Not counting September, where almost nothing was posted as my time was taken up with moving, unpacking, and the start of a new school year . Unsurprisingly, my interest  in blogging is is in indirect proportion to how busy my life is. (this week is March break, so get ready…)

Not exactly apropos, but as the brilliant Isaac Deutscher once noted, the three problems that have dogged humanity throughout its existence are hunger, sex and death. I hope, with Deutscher, that socialism will solve the first two, and allow us to have a better look at the third (a bit science fiction I know, but I did like Star Trek,  for all its brave new world shortcomings). In other words, when we solve our material problems, we begin to think about higher order functions like creating art, music , philosophy, or maintaining a blog. (Of course, the starving artist ethos cuts against that view, but I digress).

Judging by the number of blogs out there, life is pretty good. In an earlier post on blogging, I wrote that WordPress alone hosted five million blogs – according to the header on WordPress today, it’s about 212,000 (which means either wordpress has lost a lot of business and the blog thing is dying, or I made a mistake – oops). But there’s a lot of blogs out there.

Those 100 posts have received a little less than 2,000 hits. Oddly enough the most popular one was the aforementioned post on blogging (so perhaps there’s something insular about the whole process). The most active is something I wrote called The Cramps: an Appreciation, which is steadily getting hits. I am puzzled about the popularity of some and not others because often something I’m proud of receives next to nothing, whereas others get plenty. It’s a mystery.

Notes from Underground is listed on three other blogs

From Despair to Where

Class Against Class

Never Got Used to It

Still, most of the hits I get come from the fine people at Alpha Inventions. ; a real time ticker-tape of blogs. If you have a blog (or even if you don’t) have a look. Lots of things to see; much of it is not to my taste, and much of it is.

It’s the third day of March Break…


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