Goodbye Miss Brahms

February 27, 2009 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Are you being Served?  was probably one of the worst sitcoms of my youth, and yet one with legions of fans (safe in the comfort of middle age, I can falsely claim never to have liked the show, but alas as a child…).

The show was filled with stock characters: the sexually ambiguous Mr. Humpreys (is he gay or isn’t he?), the upper class Captain Peacock, the working class Mr. Mash, the Lothario Mr Lucas, etc (I’m not sure how to categorize Mrs. Slocombe, but no show was complete without a reference to her pussy) Still, I’m sure many watched just for dolly-bird Miss Brahms.

Miss Brahms was played by Wendy Richard who died yesterday from canacer, aged 65.

After Are You Being Served?Brahms appeared on Eastenders, but I was never ever a fan of that. (the truth this time) Worth remembering also is her vocals as the bored cockney teenager on Mike Sarne’s  hit Come Outside.

 It’s funny, how as we age, pieces of our history fall by the side, and we measure of our lives by these milestones.


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