New Crisis Article

February 11, 2009 at 2:54 am (Uncategorized)

Last month, I participated in meetings in Montreal and Toronto on the growing economic crisis. The meetings were actually debates between the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party and Internationalist Perspective. The meeting in Montreal drew almost 40 people. The one in Toronto a dozen. But everywhere you look, there are meetings about, essays and books on the economic crisis. IP has published several articles in the new issue  our magazine on just this point (Back issues at the site have stuff too). The point is that this is a much deeper and in some ways fundamentally different crisis than previous ones.  It’s one too where the left will play its traditional role of saving capitalism, even as it speaks of the need to fight back.  IP has just published on its blog an article by Raoul Victor on the crisis, which I think is worth reading. Raoul was, in another life time, one of the most important figures in the International Communist Current. He left the organization in the mid-90s, and his thinking has changed quite a bit since then. Have a look at the article On the Economic Crisis.


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